Meet Dr. Hatakeyama

Dr Hatakeyama grew up in Fresno, California attending California State University at Fresno prior to his acceptance at the highly regarded University of California at San Francisco Medical Center’s School of Dentistry where he completed his Bachelor of Science in Dental Health and obtained his Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 1972. Dr. Hatakeyama served 3 years as an associate dentist in Sunnyvale prior to establishing his present office at 370 W. Dunne Avenue, Suite #3 in Morgan Hill, California.

Dr. Hatakeyama’s professional background include attendance of many hours of post graduate courses to maintain excellence in the field of general Dentistry. He is a founder and director of the Santa Clara Valley General Practice Academy, as well as receiving the lifetime membership of various professional organizations including:

  • American Dental Association
  • California Dental Association
  • Santa Clara County Dental Society

As a comprehensive dental practitioner, Dr. Hatakeyama’s vision of attracting dental specialists to Morgan Hill and Santa Clara Valley’s South County became a reality in the summer of 1987 when he developed Evergreen Park, a dental complex, to become home of this area’s first children’s dentist, oral surgeon, gum specialist, and orthodontist to serve all the general dentists and their patients. Please click on Evergreen Park for more information.

Dr. Hatakeyama is well respected by his peers and held in high esteem by his dental school classmates. He recently chaired his UCSF Dental School’s 30th graduation anniversary at the Healdsburg Hotel in Sonoma County, keynoted by the world renowned oral cancer expert, Dr. Sol Silverman.


Dr. Hatakeyama founded the South Valley Wine Auction whose proceeds benefit all sports programs of Ann Sobrato and Live Oak High Schools plus providing scholarships annually. Dr. Hatakeyama's belief in our public education system is further witnessed by formation of Teachers Aid Coalition in 1999. This organization provides school classroom supplements, the classroom supplies normally purchased out of pocket by our public school teachers. He has chaired the oldest cultural event of Morgan Hill, the Morgan Hill Haru Matsuri and founded the Northern California Taiko Expo. In addition, Dr. Hatakeyama serves as advisor and founder of the San Pedro Ponds Nature Trail Volunteers. The SPPNTV serves as stewards of one of Morgan Hills largest parks with 28 acres containing 7 percolation ponds. More recently, Dr Hatakeyama has spearheaded the formation of the  Santa Clara Valley Wine Trail which promises to bring recognition to our 23 local family owned wineries and help the economies of South Santa Clara Valley.  He has received recognition from the City of Morgan Hill, California State Senate and State Assembly for his efforts.  He continues to be instrumental in keeping Morgan Hill’s expanded County Library branch in its ideal location in the Morgan Hill City Hall complex.   He certainly embodies service to his patients as well as to his community.             


Serves on the Santa Clara County Dental Society various committees including: Strategic Planning and Editorial Board



Dr. Hatakeyama has received numerous public citing for his Community caring.

  • In December 2008, he was named Morgan Hill Man of the Year for 2009 by the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce.
  • In November 2008, he received his third Philanthropy Award by the Morgan Hill Community Foundation. Dr. Hatakeyama was recognized as an individual who has contributed and enriched our Community with his time, talent and contributions.
  • In October 2008, Dr. Hatakeyama was the recipient of KBAY FM 94.5 radio stations Salute of the Month for working in the Taste of Morgan Hill and for his work with Teachers Aid Coalition.
  • In April 2008, Dr. Hatakeyama received a Proclamation by the City of Morgan Hill for the Haru Matsuri Festival for this events cultural enrichment contributions to the citizens of Morgan Hill.
  • In November 2007, Gavilan Community College awarded Dr. Hatakeyama their Community Spirit Award.
  • On March 2007, the Morgan Hill Unified School District presented Dr. Hatakeyama a Certificate of Appreciation for his support of Morgan Hills public school teachers.


HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: Dr. Hatakeyama has varied interests from collecting local historic post cards, dental cartoon cels, natural history items, to unique bottles of California wines. He is an avid outdoors person, who participates in camping, abalone diving, fishing, hiking and running. He enjoys 5-10 K runs, and has done the Warriors Dash.  He believes in being proactive about health. He  maintains his youth and health by regular attendance at a local gym participating in U-Jam cardio Fitness programs,  and core and weight training.

FAMILY: Dr. Hatakeyama’s  foremost source of pride is his household headed by wife, Shelley. Shelley in her own right, is active in her church and at various times with the local library and schools. Evan, the oldest of this group of active offspring, recently completed his PHd program at University of  Colorado in Chemical Engineering. He and wife, Willa has made Dr. H a grand dad with the addition of Ken. Daughter, Vanessa a recent Cal Berkeley Grad, recently  married to David McClain, a software engineer.  Second son, Brent is a graduate of San Jose State College’s Kinesiology program who recently got engaged to Natalie Stull, while youngest son, Vincent, a recent grad of the School of Pharmacy at Massachusetts  Collage of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Worcester Mass who plans to practice in Portland Oregon. This active group all attended local public schools where they were athletically active in varsity level sports ranging from cross country & track, basketball, gymnastics, plus a full slate of community and academic pursuits, keeping Dr. and Mrs. Hatakeyama busy and beaming with pride.