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Meet Dr. Nguyen

Dr. Don Nguyen is a 2003 graduate of UC San Francisco School of Dentistry.  Prior to dental school, Dr. N attended UC San Diego where he received a Bachelor's and Master's degree. Dr. N believes that the process of continuing education is not an extra, but an essential component of his work.  Dr. N has taken a wide range of valuable courses including: bonding veneers, all porcelain crowns, using lasers, Invisalign, root canal therapy, sedation dentistry, TMJ disorder, oral surgery and implant dentistry; and will soon earn a fellowship from the Academy of Gene

ral Dentistry.

When not working to perfect your smile, Dr. N is on the move enjoying cycling, snowboarding, golfing, surfing, traveling, playing volleyball, and basketball. Early 2009, Dr. N and his wife returned from a two-week European vacation where they got married in Verona, Italy.

10 months later, Dr.N and his wife are now proud parents of a baby boy.  7lb 5oz, Christian Nguyen was born October 15, 2009 at O'Conner Hospital.  5 1/2 years later, Nicholas was born at O'Conner Hospital as well. Nicholas is now 3 months old and growing up fast.  Christian loves taking care of his little brother and reading are among their favorite activities.


Dr. N has been with our office for eleven years and lives in Morgan Hill. Dr. N understands the importance of a giving back to the community and is actively involved with Morgan Hill's Teachers Aid Coalition and volunteers for the San Pedro Ponds tree planting project. Dr N was recently honored by the Morgan Hill Community Foundation as "Philanthropist of the Year" in 2013 and a member of Rotary club of Morgan Hill.